Virginia Native Plant Marketing Partnership Goals

Based upon feedback from partners-at-large, Steering Team members identified the following GOALS for the marketing partnership:

  1. Increase collaboration and coordination among partners engaged in native pant education, communication and marketing.
  2. Increase Virginia Grown native plant stock (availability).
  3. Increase the availability of native plants at local plant retailers.
  4. Increase demand and use of Virginia native plants by:
    Landscape and land use professions (inc. engineers, L.A.’s , anyone who specify for land development/use)
    Landscaping and demonstration restoration projects on public lands (state, federal) and also private (landowners or non-profit ownership)

Development of Action Plan

The steering team outlined strategies and action items under these goals, and developed an Action Plan - a working document and a guide for advancing the partners shared priorities.  It describes the activities that partners are collectively taking, or can take, to leverage resources and the diversity of our partnership to advance the goals of the partnership.

Download Action Plan Goals and Strategies (PDF)

Overview of Virginia Native Plant Partners (and current regional native plant campaigns) - Fact Sheet (PDF) 

Please contact with questions regarding the Virginia Native Plant Marketing Partnership.