Native Plants for Central Rapp

The guide to Native Plants for Central Rappahannock Virginia highlights the beautiful variety of plants native to the Central Rappahannock area – Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford counties and the City of Fredericksburg.

In North America, plant species are generally described as native if they occurred here prior to European settlement. This distinction is made because of the large-scale changes that have occurred since the arrival of the European settlers. These plants form the primary structure of the living landscape and provide food and shelter for native animal species, including migratory birds and pollinators. All plants highlighted in this guide, and listed in the index are native to the Central Rappahannock area according to the Digital Atlas of Virginia Flora.

Although this guide is not comprehensive, the native plants featured were selected because they are attractive, relatively easy for the home gardener to acquire, easy to maintain, and offer various benefits to wildlife and the environment.

This guide is provided by the Plant Central Rapp Natives Campaign to promote the use of regional natives in urban and suburban landscapes for their many social, cultural, and economic benefits, and to increase the availability of these native plants from plant providers throughout the region.


To download a free, full-color copy of the guide, click the link below.