Landscaping in Small Spaces


Native plant gardens can also be grown in small spaces. As with any other situation, it requires that you match the amount and type of space with your needs and the plant's needs, such as sun, shade, moisture, roots, wind, pets, views, and access for maintenance. On apartment balconies a diverse mix of potted forbs, vines, grasses, and ferns can provide pollinator habitat. Mixing spring, summer, and fall-blooming plants in a planter or group of planters can provide beauty and color throughout the growing season. 

Natives for full sun patios, decks, planters, containers, baskets, and vertical gardens

Perennials (Forbs)

Asclespias incarnate - Swamp Milweed
Asclepias tuberosa - Butterfly-weed
Coreopsis verticillata - Threadleaf Coreopsis
Hibiscuc moscheutos - Eastern Swamp rose mallow
Maianthemum racemosum - False Solomon’s Sea
Penstemon digitalis - Foxglove Beardtongue
Phlox stolonifera - Creeping Phlox
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium - Naroowl-leaved Mountain Mint
Salvia lyrata - lyre-leaf Sage
Sedum ternatum - Wild Stonecrop


Lonicera sempervirens - Coral Honeysuckle
Passiflora lutea - Yellow Passionflower


Itea Virginica - Sweetspire
Clethra alnifolia - Pepperbush

Natives for full shade spaces - alleys, patios, containers, and balconies:

Pernnials (Forbs)

Aquilegia canadensis - Canadian Wild Columbine
Asarum canadense - Wild Ginger
Arisamea triphyllum - Jack-in-the-pulpit
Chrysogonum virginianum - Green and Gold
Claytonia virginica - Virginia Spring Beauty
Dicentra eximia - Wild Bleeding Heart
Eurybia divaricata - White Wood Aster
Geranium maculatum - Wild Geranium
Heuchera Americana - American Alumroot
Phlox divaricata - Woodland Phlox
Podophyllum peltatum - Mayapple
Polygonatum biflorum - Solomon’s seal
Tiarella cordifolia - Foamflower
Viola cucullate - Marsh Blue Violet


Adiantum pedatum - Northern Maidenhair
Asplenium platyneuron - Ebony Spleenwort
Athyrium asplenoides - Southern Lady Fern
Dryopteris marginalis - Wood Fern
Polystichum acrostichoides - Christmas Fern


Hydrangea arboescens - Wild Hydrangea