Fredericksburg Native Plant Sites

Check out the following sites in the City of Fredericksburg where you can find Central Rapp Natives!

American Sycamore.jpg

Cossey Park Arboretum

A neighborhood park featuring a garden used for educational sessions by Virginia Cooperative Extension. Maintained by volunteer Master Gardeners. 

Location: 1601 Kenmore Avenue (at the corner of Little Page Street and Grove Avenue)

Central Rappahannock native plants of note at this site include:
Cercis canadensis - Eastern Redbud
Chionathus virginicus - White Fringetree
Itea virginica - Virginia Sweetspire
Quercus falcata - Southern Red Oak
Viburnum nudum - Possumhaw Viburnum
Viburnum prunifolium - Black Haw

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